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            Marching with the era, presenting the mainstream color realm——JNJ mosaic 2019 Guangzhou Design Week

            Marching with the era, presenting the mainstream color realm——JNJ mosaic 2019 Guangzhou Design Week

            Summary: MIX & INNOVATION, we bring you the greatest surprise!




            From black & white to multicoloured

            Hidden colors in mysterious and magical realm








            From seeing to appreciation

            Mosaic power × contemporary aesthetics


            On December 5, 2019, JNJ mosaic Secret Realm officially opened in Hall No. 1 of the Poly Hall in Guangzhou Design Week. This year we sent Colors to meet you, and powerfully carried out a mosaic color realm tour in a dreamlike and mysterious way!




            From the naturalistic voice in the past to the presentation of multiculturalism, and then to the new 2020 spring and summer products  guided by the trend of popular colors and elements, the brand design team of JNJ mosaic demonstrates a high degree of sensitivity to the current hot spots--knowing very well the significance of the insight and responsibility of customized brands, it is committed to the deepest response through this exhibition.

            This “secret realm” utilizes its subtle and powerful appeal to interpret a series of landscapes and works with the collisions and transformations between mosaics and popular colors and elements, bringing a unique aesthetic experience to the visitors. In the maze composed of continuous arches and winding corridors, mosaic works with personality match the internal structure and theme colors to create interesting and three-dimensional visual effects. Various types of mosaics seek to blend in different media, interpreting new levels with different expression mechanisms. The colors seem to permeate into the space, and the walls, floors and installations are perfectly matched. Here, different mosaic works in the same exhibition area can constantly echo and highlight the sense of beauty, meaning and logic contained in them, which should attribute to the ingenious combination created by the design team.






            The colorful mosaic world

            Inside the “Secret Realm”


            “Walking into the Mosaic World in the Secret Realm” is the design theme of this exhibition, which is not merely a beautiful name but is also an important expression: we follow the trend to create a mosaic world with magic colors, conveying the beauty of blending tradition with contemporary techniques.





            Beautiful mosaic works

            Attribute to every designer and craftsman


            Passing through the arch, the five color themes (gray, gold, green, pink, and blue) all have corresponding extensions and are intertwined and dispersed. The delicate handmade mosaic works and the colorful booth walls form a delightful contrast to create a unique visual effect, blending traditional handicrafts and contemporary sense of beauty. If you carefully observe the color matching and texture on the works, you will find that each work is like a small pigment library, harmonious and beautiful, exploring the relationship between colors and us. Every designer and craftsman is committed to this and dare not be sloppy and careless at all.





            After the secret is uncovered

            We march forward with innovation in the trend


            The JNJ mosaic brand brings current popular colors and elements into the exhibition hall. It is not simply a matter of inspiration but a unique mosaic language to innovate and change the convention: we are not a traditional material supplier, but a customized brand; we provide customized services for each era, each style and each guest, and patiently modify our products according to their ideas and demands; we follow the trend or follow our heart, and there will be different encounters.





            The secret realm tour lasts until December 8

            Come to 1B20, Hall No. 1of Poly Hall, Guangzhou Design Week

            To explore the secret of JNJ mosaic




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