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            Show! Cross-border striding to create excellence --JNJ mosaic “Auspicious Golden and Green Charm”

            Show! Cross-border striding to create excellence --JNJ mosaic “Auspicious Golden and Green Charm”

            JNJ mosaic honorably won the Kapok Award · Product Design Award in 2020 Guangzhou Design Week

            Natural coexistence with numerous beauties


            In the early spring of 2020, the “uninvited guest” invaded the world strongly, and our busy life once pressed its pause button; after the spring breeze, the mainland China has still been dynamic and prosperous.

            The brand design team of JNJ mosaic has created the mosaic works of “Auspicious Golden and Green Charm” signifying propitious omen with elements of happy symbols through combined craftsmanship and cross-border integration of various materials, conveying the concept of natural, environment-friendly and healthy life. Lingering in the works, your anxiety will be released, and your life will also be filled with vitality.




            Live works display of “Auspicious Golden and Green Charm



            Striving to excel and deserving its reputation


            At the beginning of winter in 2020, JNJ mosaic brand mosaic works of “Auspicious Golden and Green Charm” strove to excel and honorably won the “Kapok China Design Award ·2020 Product Design Award”, one of China’s most influential product design awards with its design power. On the afternoon of December 4, at the lively awards ceremony where masters gathered, Ms. Mai Shuhao, deputy director of brand design of JNJ mosaic, attended the ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of JNJ.


            Award-presentation screenshot





            ▲ Award Presentation

            2nd from right, Photo 4: Ms. Mai Shuhao, Deputy Director of Brand Design of JNJ mosaic



            Different materials have their physical and psychological properties. In the creative design of the works, the cross-border integration makes it both innovative and meaningful, fully demonstrating the superiority of its cross-border conception. JNJ mosaic is committed to promoting the development of modern design, which is the direction that JNJ mosaic brand continues to explore and realize.

            From December 3 to 6, JNJ mosaic brand will be waiting for you to witness the infinite possibilities of mosaics at the 1B20, Hall No. 1 of Guangzhou Design Week Poly Exhibition Hall!


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            Copyright ©jnjmosaic.com JNJ mosaic  粵ICP備19108523號-1  法律顧問:廣東高木律師事務所